Air purification IMS-40-CSC

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Air purification IMS-40-CSC -
Страна производитель: Украина
Производительность т/час: до 50
Производитель: Agro-Vigs


Cleaning with ISM-40-TsOK air


the Separator grain TORAHS of ISM-40-TsOK is specially developed by the Agro-Vigs company for separation of grain crops with the maximum cleaning and calibration.

It is оснащён циклонно-осадочной камерой  (TsOK) that does it not only the most effective and economic, but also most eco-friendly separator of  для grain of large-scale agricultural farms.

Besides, the cyclonic and sedimentary camera allows to use the zernoobrabatyvayushchy car of TORAHS of ISM-40-TsOK and in small rooms, and in the open air. /



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