Animal waste management

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Animal waste management -
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One of the most actual directions in the contemporary agriculture is the reprocessing of waste. Technologies for recycling feathers, bones, fish waste etc. give a row of advantages; as examples can be given an uninterruptable supplying of feed and opportunity of proper utilization of waste products. At the same time, such technologies are environment friendly and cost-effective. Energy consumption of recycling methods per 1 kg of waste products is 5 times lower than at using waste heat boiler. As a result, the profit of utilization could be comparable with the one, obtained by realization of the main manufactured products.

Depending of the final product requirements, appropriate equipment in manufacturing line can be included for subsequent preparation of mixed fodder.

There are following stages of protein supplements manufacturing:
- grinding;
- mixing of ground substance with the vegetable filler in specified proportion;
- extrusion of mixed substance;
- cooling;
- packaging.

Recycling equipment by PRESOIL can be engineered as for recycling of low

capacities of waste products, as well as for flow line manufacture. The construction can be easily adapted for existing production scheme.

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