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Briquetter -
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Briquetter is intended for packaging of dry waste product. With the help of PRESOIL briquetter it's possible to receive high-quality briquettes of different types of vegetable waste products, including oilseeds crops waste, such as husks of sunflower, olive varieties, peel and sawdust, bark, bran, chaff flax, hay and straw. Subsequently, the briquettes are used as environment-friendly and cost-effective fuel for boilers of different modifications.
Manufacturing of briquettes takes place at high pressure without applying of any chemical fixing agents. Construction of briquetter consists of receiving hopper, dosing screw, pressing screw, divider and extractor hood.
Pre-dried to the required humidity and thoroughly crushed in disc breaker vegetable wastes goes into receiving hopper, after what evenly supplied into the pressing camera by dosing screw. Inside of the pressing camera takes place the simultaneous pressing and heating of ground mass up to 280-310°С. As a result of thermal processing a excretion of natural binder lignin occurs, and, at a high degree of compression, the briquetting

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