Crude rapeseed oil

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Crude rapeseed oil -
Тип очистки: нерафинированное
Упаковка: стеклянная тара
Объем: 3,1 л и больше
Страна производитель: Италия
Производитель: Oliyar


This product is used in the food and feed industry, and in the production of biodiesel.

Physical and chemical indicators concordantly to GOST 46.072:2005:


Indicators Standard value
Transparency Transparent, a nobecula is possible
Smell and taste Characteristic to rapeseed oil, without outside smell and taste
Color number, mg of iodine < 85
Acid value of fat, mg KoH/g < 4
Peroxide value, O Mmol/kg < 10
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles content, % < 0.25
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances in terms of stearooleoletsytyn, % < 0,76 (300ррm)
Mass fraction of erucic acid, % < 5
Temperature of flash of oil, °С, not less 230
Mass fraction of not fat admixtures, % < 0.15

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