Grinding mill

17.09.2016    Элеваторы, оборудование для хранения продукции — Молотильное и дробильное оборудование
Grinding mill -
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Производитель: Presoil
Страна производитель: Украина
Оборудование: Мини мельницы

Grinding mill with cylindered head by PRESOIL can be applied for grain milling and refers to equipment for high quality flour manufacturing lines with large working capacities.
The machine consists of two independent units. The main part are two pairs of rolls, oriented diagonally. Depending of the purpose, a smooth or grooved working surface of milling rolls can be used.
Effective cooling of a grinding mill is realized by a water cooling system. Surface of the milling rolls, rotating at high speed, could be re-grooved without disassembling the bearings. Position of the rolls is adjusted remotely, which allows stabilizing of the milling process and minimizes the necessity of service works.

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