Oil seed roaster

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Roaster from PRESOIL is intended for preparation of oil-containing seeds and oil cake for separation of vegetable oil with a help of humidity and temperature inside of the roaster's tank. Well-suitable for primary and secondary squeezing. The main goal of the reprocessing is changing the humidity and physical-chemistry properties of the raw material. The result is a maximization of the oil yield. Besides of mentioned above, the roaster improves the quality of the product. As example, the soya reprocessing tends to change particular proteins and removes the smell.

Another function, where the PRESOIL Roaster comes in handy, is steady heating, drying and roasting of the fine-grained bulk materials, such as grains, oil-containing seeds, cereals and nuts. According to the owner's needs the PRESOIL Roaster provides the continuous or portioned working modes. We always pay a great attention to each customer and we are ready to give a full consultation considering the opportunities of adaptation of our machines to the needs

Производитель: Oliepres
Страна производитель: Украина
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