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Conveyor Screw



Агро-Вигс» the irreplaceable assistant in processing of crop &ndash is developed; the conveyor screw which price taking into account its quality very moderate . 

the Screw conveyor is intended for performance of loading works on separators ТОР™ ISM. Besides, in the grain processing enterprises it is widely applied as to warehouse works in the course of processing of grain in rooms and to move and transport loads in cars or railway cars.

Design features of the conveyor allow to increase feed rate of the separated material in the separator bunker. The device of the screw conveyor includes the body, bearing support, the electric motor, the directing pipe with the shnekovy screw, the drive, the bunker of loading and wheel base.

Supply of grain in the conveyor screw is carried out by

continuously, the direction of delivery does not depend on tilt angle: grain can be moved under big corner or it is horizontal.


Rated capacity: of 1,5 kW
Number of turns: 140 RPM


8 тонн in hour

Working length: of 2500 mm
Height: of 2300 mm
Width of wheel base: of 1236 mm /

Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
Грузонесущий механизм: винтовой
Тип перемещаемого груза: сыпучий
Сфера применения: зерновые
Тяговый механизм: есть
Перемещения груза: по неподвижному желобу
Направление перемещения груза: вертикально
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