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The conveyor belt -
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 Конвейер tape </>


the Device of the belt conveyer is based by strong on the principle of progress of its tape. In NPK «Агро-Вигс» belt conveyers are made both in stationary, and in mobile execution. The conveyor can be made according to drawings or specifications of the customer therefore the belt conveyer which price can be flexible, it is more favorable to order in NPK «Агро-Вигс». Production of tape of different width and thickness is also possible.

Such variability can provide to

бльшую productivity, and also increase speed of payback of the equipment. Stationary tape conveyors conveyors from 5 to 3000 meters with inclination in 30 degrees are used for перемещения  across; large amount of grain. Mobile conveyors tape inclined planes serve for movement of small volume of grain crops on distance from 2 to 20 meters.

the Belt conveyer which engineering characteristics include changeable length and are provided by different points of dumping, serve for continuous loading grain in warehouses and in granaries. /

Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
Тяговый механизм: есть
Сфера применения: пищевая промышленность
Тип перемещаемого груза: штучный
Грузонесущий механизм: ленточный
Перемещения груза: на сплошной ленте
Направление перемещения груза: горизонтально
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