Twin-screw inactivator

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Twin-screw inactivator -
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Twin-screw inactivator is used in vegetable oil manufacturing for an intensive saturation of the raw materials with moisture and increasing the temperature of the hulled seeds. Before the raw material goes into the roaster, it has to obtain prescribed by technology temperature and humidity. It is accomplished by short-time heating with a hot steam. As the result the deactivation of the fermentation system (lipase, phospholipase, mirosinase) of the seeds occurs, what, in its turn, leads to decreasing or full stop of triglycerides and phospholipids fermentation processes, and, at the same time, increasing the proportion of free fatty acids.

Usage of the twin-screw inactivator is especially important at the winter season.
Machine's mechanism has the form of twin-screw mixer with the function of self-purifying from the raw material remains, with steam and water simultaneously supplying system.

Производитель: Oliepres
Страна производитель: Украина
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