Cleaning grain and seeds | Cereal Ceparatory ISM, Харьков

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Cleaning grain and seeds | Cereal Ceparatory ISM -
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of Purification of Grain and Seeds | Grain separators of ISM



Grain separators ИСМ– it is guarantee of heavy yield!

Main distinctive feature of design of separators of ISM, -  application as the power plant of impeller, jointly with the rectifying device. It has allowed to reduce energy consumption of the и  car considerably; to improve other operational characteristics. Such technical solution is protected патентами  in Ukraine, and also  международной the request.   Separators of ISM are capable to replace 2-3 types of cars on processing of grain and other crops. The separator grain can be established on MANAGERS, KZS, in any suitable room where it is possible to organize loading and unloading of grain, and also branch of easy fractions out of room limits. /

Тип: сепаратор зерноочистительный
Страна производитель: Украина
Производительность т/час: до 50
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
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