Conveyor Noria SPC "AGRO-VIGS", Харьков

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the Most widespread type of vertical &ndash conveyors; chain pump ladle. This type of the equipment is widely applied in the mechanized granaries and on productions, it is irreplaceable on elevator, warehouse, KZS and the MANAGER. When grain is brought to state, necessary for further work, process of its processing on the conveyor chain pump at small speed is perfectly combined with problem of vertical giving and accurate movement of products.

Application of chain pump is caused by relative simplicity of its design and the minimum threat of losses of grain at its technology processing. It does not spoil when transporting because design features of ladle chain pump allow to make thrifty use of grain and not to injure it that, in turn, is pledge of heavy yield next year.

the Chain pump ladle consists of tension station, drive station, the engine with the drive, ladles, tape and the directing boxes. Its purpose – vertical transportation of grain therefore it is used as a part of elevators, granaries, MANAGERS and KZS.

Sensors of chain pump can be made by

in different complete set.

the Sensor of blockage of the lower boot - is intended to
  • for protection of break of tape if the lower part of chain pump (boot) is filled up with grain or other culture. The sensor will switch-off the chain pump drive that will not allow to scroll drums together with tape.
  • the Sensor of proskakivaniye of drum of upper head of chain pump will prevent slipping of tape on drive drum.
  • In that case when the tape of proslablen or is torn off, the sensor will power off the engine and will give signal on operator console.
  • the Sensor of blockage of drive station is intended to
  • for the prevention of oversleeping of grain owing to zabivaniye of zernoprovod or upper boot. It will power off the engine, the chain pump will stop, the signal on operator console will join. /

Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: АГРО-ВИГС
Вид: ленточная
Тяговой механизм: есть
Сфера применения: зерновые культуры
Перемещения груза: в ковшах
Направление перемещения груза: вертикально
Грузонесущий механизм: ленточный
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