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  Grain-cleaning Equipment | AGRO-VIGS | Separators


 «АГРО-ВИГС» Company. Has begun development of grain-cleaning machines in 2008, seeing the purpose - creation of the car for cleaning and the calibration of grain capable really to work with high energy saving effect, keeping thus productivity and the quality of work which is not conceding to earlier known analogs. The «ИСМ» (the impeller separating car- ISC) car created by specialists of our enterprise became result of the done work.

of Developers have considered and corrected the shortcomings taking place on earlier known aerodynamic separators. Namely: the separators made by our enterprise are deprived of deturbuliziruyushchy grid which had to be cleared constantly in the course of work, by force interrupting technical process. On all separators for adjustment of power of air flow instead of заслонок  the frequency converter allowing to change turns of the asynchronous electric motor, and also allowing to make its smooth start .  is used; Installations have highly located air inlet which interferes with suction of dust and small subjects from the earth. Well and most important  отличие separators of «ИСМ» family; it is their high profitability! </>

of All listed qualities, our separators have got span as a result of application on them as the power plant not of the radial fan (snail), but direct-flow impeller (the axial fan concluded in ring), jointly with the rectifying device. </>

of Such decision has been made by span after carrying out number of calculations by specialists «Харьковского aviation института». There was obvious that fact that by cars analogs the considerable share of power of the radial fan, simply dissipates in channels of air ducts, and the impeller, which aerodynamic characteristics became the only thing alternative, ideally suitable option 10 times more.

of there was Now task to create impeller who would have the required account aerodynamic characteristic, when using the electric motor of small power.
Calculations of profile of krylchatka of impeller have been entrusted again specialists «Харьковского aviation института» and production of the operating sample to firm to the producer of screws for easy airplanes. Thus, as a result of collaboration of specialists – pilots, mechanicians and landowners, the car in abbreviated form called «ИСМ» was born.

of After production of the first sample, the separator has passed trial runs in firm the producer, and then and on farms of the Kharkov and Zaporozhye area. During tests has been received прибавка by wheat crop to 35-40%. Along with tests account by the consumed electric power car was kept.

 Сепараторы «ИСМ» at  калибровке grains were more economic than known analogs of equal productivity, by 3,5 times, and quality of their work was identical!



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