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 Сепаратор ISM-50 TORAHS Grain with tsok

the Grain separator of ISM-50 S of TsOK is intended to

for work on the grain-cleaning unit of lots - the MANAGER - or other similar grain-cleaning complex, and elevator. Also it can be built in the automated line on cleaning shoe.

Use of the unique cyclonic and sedimentary camera of the closed cycle has allowed us to get number of unakalny advantages over other methods of aspiration and cleaning of воздуха: 

in separators of ISM 1. The improved quality of separation due to decrease in turbulence of flow in the closed cycle

2. Economy of the electric power on 30 % 

3. Reduction of noise level to with 87 do57db

4. Additional подсушка за the account of the increased temperature in separator.

  • Air from environment does not undertake and it does not jump out. Roughly speaking, the car drives the same air in itself, and already one this fact allows to reduce emissions of dust impurity almost to zero.
  • Work of TsOK ZTs is performed by energy of air flow and force of gravitation. Thus we do by one engine all work of separator zamesto 3-4 двигателей у similar cars, saving thus the electric power and increasing reliability of work of complex.

Loading in the car is made by chain pump, and the processed grain from trays is taken away in acceptance bunkers or on conveyor tapes. The fulfilled air containing dust and easy garbage can be removed from the car to the street by means of air duct or tax to cleaning during cyclone or the camera of aspiration.

This method allows to share effectively cultures with the different specific weight and the different area of grain.

So for example can separate with ease sunflower seeds from corn seeds as it often happens when the field is sowed with new culture where earlier the sunflower grew.

Also use of the direct-flow engine for the first time used on this separator has allowed to use the frequency converter which has given us number of essential advantages, beginning from eight extents of protection of the engine, до  возможности to save the electric power as уменьшая частоту тока, we reduce also engine capacity.

Also frequency converter has allowed us to carry out transition from culture to culture less than in two minutes, by turn of the handle of setup of separator. It facilitates the operator's task of service and increases the speed of processing of all types of cultures that is important in  уборочный сезон. 

of FEATURE of the DESIGN of the SEPARATOR of TORAHS of ISM-50 with tsok

Application of impeller by cars of this kind as the power plant for the first time allows to minimize loss of power of the air flow created by krylchatka. The car has no air ducts and, respectively, considerable costs of power of the electric motor of the fan of overcoming of their resistance.

Such constructive decision as high arrangement of air inlet, excludes absorption in the camera of separation of small impurity from floor round the car.



Производительность т/час: до 50
Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
Тип: сепаратор зерноочистительный
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