Mobile grain cleaning complex SOC-25, Харьков

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Mobile grain cleaning complex SOC-25 -
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  Mobile Grain-cleaning COK-25 Complex


of JSC « Research and production company «Агро-Вигс» предлагает  the self-mobile cleaning complex which does not have analogs - COK-25 who allows to receive high-quality cleaning and preparation of seed grain with simultaneous loading on vehicles, passing loaders of the different .  types; This complex is applied on currents, elevators, warehouses of floor storage, in the enclosed space. COK-25 does not demand additional loaders and cars of primary cleaning , can carry out work with cultures of any humidity and contamination, works at any temperatures. By the tekhnichsky opportunities of COK-25 and actually replaces work of ZAV-20.

         Преимущества self-mobile cleaning комплекса   (COK-25)

1. Self-movement on CURRENT, mobility in economy.

2. Simultaneous cleaning and calibration of seeds of any cultures.

3. The rotary conveyor gives the chance to simultaneous loading on транспортное           means of seeds on removal 4 meters, passing loaders of different types.

4. Processing of seeds at any temperature conditions, any humidity and contamination.

5. Opportunity to change the arrow height thanks to what traumatizing grain decreases at  формирование burt.

6. The minimum losses when processing grain and reduction of grain waste.

7. Subdrying of seeds for the account increase in air temperature in separator.

8. Reorganization of complex on other culture borrows from 2nd to 10 minutes.

9. The minimum electricity consumption thanks to частотных  converters.

10. Not grain waste gathers in specially provided bunker.


        Приобретая  COK-25 of the    Вы получаете  « ТОР™» trademark; qualitative highly productive equipment which minimizes all  технологический   process and actually replace ZAV-20 .

                            Engineering characteristics of COK-25

Type Self-mobile
Drive Electric three-phase
Productivity, cleaning/calibration mode          25/12,5 t/h
the Established total мощность    6,4 - 8 kW
Working dimensions, V,D,Sh :  3500/6300/4500
Transport размеры  3500/6300/1470
Departure of the shipping conveyor of 4000 mm
Working adjustment of height of shipment of 1000-4300 mm
Weight of 1600 kg
Noise level of 85 dB
Number of operators 2



Производительность т/час: до 50
Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
Тип: мобильная (на колесах)
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