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Mobile purification systems -
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The Self-mobile Cleaning Complex 


the Self-mobile cleaning COK-25 complex can be applied by strong on currents, elevators and warehouses of floor storage. COK-25 has functionality of the most modern MANAGER equipped with the separator, ISM-25 TsOK best today. COK-25 clears, dries and precisely calibrates grain. Thus in the form of the mobile unit and equipment by its loading and shipping conveyors new, unique opportunities give execution of COK-25 to it.

When using COK-25 lots do not need to be given

to loading hopper conveyors. The car is driven to lots, selects it and accurately sorts by fractions: grain on three categories separately, not grain waste, dust and garbage separately in special trash bin.

At the exit from the car the calibrated grain can be given

on any height to 4,3 meters or to clamp from any party from the car where it is necessary. At burtovka adjustment of height of supply of grain allows to save grain from traumatizing .




Страна производитель: Украина
Тип: мобильная (на колесах)
Производительность т/час: до 50
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
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