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Pre-cleaning of grain -
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Grain Pre-cleaning | Separators of TORAHS


of Separators «ТОР» – it : pre-cleaning of seeds | grains; calibration of seeds on fractions; calibration of seed grain on biological value; division of the zernosmesy; lack of the injured grain; work with grain of any humidity; receiving high-quality and inexpensive seed grain; fast transition to other culture;

Having included

in process of cleaning and calibration of grain, separator «ТОР» - there is opportunity for one cycle to make preliminary, primary and secondary cleaning of lots and simultaneous separation of grain, to process products of any humidity and contamination.

Selecting seeds on specific weight, the separator selects biologically valuable, homogeneous seeds that for 35-40% gives the chance to increase quality of seed grain, respectively viability of crops, and further considerable increase by crop.

As, «ТОР» is without reshetny aerodynamic separator, in the course of cleaning grain is not injured as process of separation happens in air flow.

Fast transition to other culture in work of separator, will be reached use of the frequency converter which regulates engine turns, and respectively force of air flow in the separation camera. The frequency converter allows to make smooth start-up and stop of the engine, to add the reverse mode, for cleaning of nodes separator.

the Low level of energy consumption, will be reached thanks to installation of the direct-flow axial fan located in front of the separation camera, thus need of use of air ducts in which there are considerable losses of energy has disappeared.

Thanks to the design decision – hit in the airintake of the garbage which is round the car is excluded need for installation of deturbuliziruyushchy grid which needs to be cleared regularly has respectively disappeared, by force interrupting technology process. /

Тип: сепаратор зерноочистительный
Страна производитель: Украина
Производительность т/час: до 50
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
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