Separation of grain mixture of IMS-5, Харьков

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Separation of grain mixture of IMS-5 -
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Division of Zernosmesy ISM-5 | the ISM-5 Grain Separator | the Lots Separator </>


the Impeller separating ISM-5 car is applied by strong to cleaning and calibration of all agricultural cultures.

the Main advantage it is the increase in quality of selection of seed grain 35-40% more, than at analogs. Respectively viability of field will make more than 98%. Thus buying our car, the farmer has opportunity to grow up more crop and costs of purchase of our car will pay off for one season.

On engineering characteristics the car exceeds similar cars:

- Engine capacity makes 0,1-,055 kW. (competitors have 2,2 kW)

- Small dimensions and folding design allow to transport the car in other place of work in the trailer of the passenger car: sh-400 mm, d-1800 mm, height is-1700 mm. (competitors have height of the car there are more than 2 meters.)

- the Small mass of the car of 115 kg and wheel in set allow to move with little effort the car on warehouse. (competitors have 200 kg)

- the Guarantee of 2 years as we do not use the Chinese spare parts (competitors have 1 year).

- the Frequency converter gives 8 extents of protection of the engine (at competitors is absent)


- Possibility of reorganization from culture on culture of 2 min.

- Availability of meshkoderzhatel for fixing of bags. /

Производительность т/час: до 50
Тип: сепаратор зерноочистительный
Страна производитель: Украина
Производитель: Agro-Vigs
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