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A 25% deep cleaning solution PHMG in distilled water is produced for use in such disinfectants that require high purity of the product and the almost complete absence of starting monomers synthesis.

Deep cleaning solution is carried out by two or three times the reprecipitation PHMG from the solution, which takes place under the action of solutions of metal chlorides food grade. This allows to increase the content of the basic substance dissolved PHMG to a level not lower than 99.5% and virtually eliminate toxic residues from the solution of monomers. The final solution is filtered from possible mechanical impurities on the filter with a mesh size cardboard 4 microns.

Страна производитель: Украина
Виды: Емкости для химической продукции
Материал: Пластик
Объем, л: от 20 до 50
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